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  • Our Fall Challenge is focused on getting you to be consistent in your fitness and nutrition while expanding your horizons in both areas.
    You will get points for logging daily food intake, water intake and sleep acquired, attendance (WODs, active recovery, Barbell Club, Stair Sprints), clinic attendance, social media challenges (Face Book and Instagram), personal challenge goal completion, nutrition research presentation and for the before/after pictures and testimonial.

    Prizes will include, but are not limited to:

    Winner: 6 mos membership.
    2nd Place: 3 mos membership
    3rd Place: 1 month membership

    There will be an informative meeting on Saturday, September 23rd at 11AM. We will include a Meal Prep Clinic at this meeting (already earning points!).

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various Activities and for my choices to use or apply at my own risk, any portion of the

instruction or guidance that I receive while participating in these Activities.

I understand that the risk involved in undertaking any of the Activities is related to my own state of fitness or health, and the awareness, care and skill with which I conduct myself in any of the activities of DeSoto Crossfit. I also understand that I am free to withdraw from, reduce or modify my involvement in any of the activities and I realize that I should do so on recognition of any signs of physical discomfort.

I further understand that the possible risks involved in participating in these Activities may include muscle, tendon, ligament, bone and joint soreness; muscle, tendon and ligament strain, tear or rip; bruising, death; skin laceration; tears, cuts or punctures; shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting, or unconsciousness; tightness in chest, bone breaks, discoloration, separations or fractures; fatigue; sweating; eye punctures; heart attack or stroke; aggravation of an existing or past injury; discomfort or problem with any other injury; discomfort or physical problems associated with physical activity, and many other forms of physical discomfort.

I understand just as with other types of physical activity, that there are potential risks in physical fitness and accept all responsibility and waive any legal recourse against DeSoto Crossfit, its servants, agents and employees from any claims resulting from the personal fitness program.

I have read the above list of possible risks associated with my participation in the Activities offered by DeSoto Crossfit.

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I consent to taking all of the above noted risks by VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING in the Activities of DeSoto Crossfit.

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